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CEO - SSC Capital

Salum Awadh is a corporate advisor and investment manager with expertise in corporate

finance, strategy, research, investment, M&A, funds management, venture capital, PPP, risk

management, Pension Funds, Governance and institutional development. He is the CEO of

SSC capital, a financial and investment advisory firm with operations in TZ and Rwanda.

He holds an MBA in finance, Chartered International Investment Analyst (CIIA), CIMA, and

certification in Islamic finance, he is also UNCTAD-certified entrepreneurship trainer. He is

also certified in asset management, private equity and venture capital, financial markets, labor

economics, risk management, governance, and pension funds. Founder of TVCN deals,

Jabalnur Finance, and SA Ventures. Currently serves in more 6 bodies.

He is the author of “Dare or Die”, “Smart-up your Start-up” and Where is he Money.