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Business Organization Development Consultant

Haji Dachi is a business organization development consultant with over 20 years of business

consulting experience.

Haji specializes in facilitating robust and holistic decision making through the re-examining

facts to understand trends and gaps, generating fresh insights integrating those into and capitalizing

on existing materials. He helps develop holistic sustainable solutions integrating technical

and commercial aspect. He manages and galvanize multiple stakeholders through deep

appreciation from competing interests by steering teams to consider solution via appropriate

multiple perspectives to unearth he optimal solutions.

Throughout his career, Haji has been a trusted advisor, mentor facilitator and team member to

boards management and project teams. He has held roles and executive, operations internal

and external consultant to organizations include Center for Good Governance and Economic

Development (CG&ED) the partner of Hanns Siedel Foundation (HSF), AKM Glitters Co Ltd,

Investment Climate Africa/ESARP, FSDT/ TPSF, Tanzania Gatsby Trust (TGT), World Bank,

Unicef, GIZ, Tanzania Data Lab and DTBi COSTECH.